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Chicken Coop Plans For Beginners – What You Need to Know

One of the many concerns of chicken growers is the real worth of chicken coop plans. Many poultry farmers wonder of the real value in getting a set of chicken coop plans. Most poultry farmers think that any chicken coop plans will do as long as it provides roof over the head of the chickens but that is where they’re wrong.

While it may be enticing to choose cheap chicken coop plans because of budget constraints, it may not be a good idea. You need to custom fit the chicken coop based on your needs and not your budget. Too many poultry farmers make the mistake of not using chicken coop plans that are appropriate for their needs. This would ultimately lead them to spend substantially more than you should.

chicken coop plans

Here are the things you will get from a good chicken coop plan:

Better welfare for your chickens

Professional chicken coop plans take into account the welfare of the birds it will be housing. For instance, if you build your own chicken coop, you may fail to consider the ventilation requirement. You also need to consider the space requirement of your chickens. You don’t want to give them inadequate space because they can get territorial easily especially if crammed inside a small space.

Chicken coop plans are reliable

Professional chicken coop plans are reliable simply because they have been tried and tested multiple times. These chicken coop plans are also easier to build because the building processes have been streamlined to get more people to do them.

Provisions for lighting and insulation

Professionally made chicken coop plans have provision for lighting, ventilation and insulation. You can also add accessories in it since most designs are modular which allows for easy installation of many types of accessories.

Ideal size for your chicken

If you search for a chicken coop plan online, you need to have the exact number of chickens you’re planning on raising. You need this because chicken coop plans have an ideal number of accommodation it can support. You simply cannot cram more chickens into a tiny space because that won’t work well. In fact, it would be disastrous.


Now that you have the benefits of getting a professional chicken coop plan, you can now start your backyard chicken setup. If you still plan on building a chicken coop based on your own design, then by all means do what you want. However, I would suggest that you take after some good design cues from professionally made chicken coop plans to ensure the welfare of your chickens.


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