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Chicken Coop Designs – Designing Your Own Hen House

You’re going to need to select chicken coop designs if you are serious about poultry farming. Contrary to what many guys think, planning a chicken coop can actually be tricky. You need to consider many things before you can proceed in building chicken coops. It can be as complex as building a house especially if you have a specific goal in mind.

What makes chicken coop designs important is they somehow dictate the overall health of your chickens. A well-designed chicken coop will elevate the mood of your chickens which will make them healthier. We all know that chickens that are healthy will produce more healthier products. A healthy chicken will be meatier compared to chickens that are living in less than ideal situation. Healthy hens will also produce more eggs compared to normal. As such, it is important to value their health when doing poultry farming.

Designing your own hen house

chicken run

Basically, you have two choices, you can buy an already made hen house or build your own. Each of these choices have their advantages and you need to think about them long and hard to get your money’s worth.

Building your own hen house gives you freedom in the features department. You can decide which features you want and don’t want. You also have the freedom in the shape, form and design of your coop. Basically, you will build your chicken coop based on your needs. If you want to, you can search for a chicken coop design on the internet and just modify it to fit your needs.

Keep this in mind when designing

During the design process, you need to take several things into account. The dimensions need to be precise and account for the number of livestock it’s going to house. Always go up and never go down when it comes to the dimensions of your chicken pen. It’s better to give your chickens extra space than to let them get cramped into limited space because you cheaped out on materials. Remember, a healthy chicken will be more beneficial in the long run.

Providing protection is also important. Chickens have a lot of predators and they will need every protection that they could get. Electric fencing is a viable option but if you have limited budget, you can make do with carefully placed protection system. A good chicken coop design can protect from predators without the need for elaborate fencing. You can start by limiting the dimension of the access hatch. Many predators are not that much bigger than a full-grown chicken which means they can easily get into the access hatch. Knowing this, you need to get some sort of cover on the access hatch. If you can, get some locks to go along with it. Some predators like fox can open simple locks.

If you have extra budget, you can install electric fencing. It can deter even the bigger predators from entering your poultry farm. A couple of shocks from these fences and predators will learn to avoid it altogether. If you plan on investing heavily on poultry farming, this is probably the best choice.


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